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shiny brainThe African American Mental Health Coalition is a group of healthcare and mental health medical advocates. We are passionate about serving the community with the best free, low cost and quality resources. Our hope is to bring us to a greater awareness about the mind and body connection! The foods we eat (*including the vegetables:), the games we play, the sweat equity that we put into ourselves individually, and as a community, all contributes to our mental health. Check out our most recent studies by various colleges and universities. Stay on top of the research, and don't forget to set aside time for yourselves to grow and prosper!


Stevie Wonder referenced it in his song, "Jesus Children"  years ago, "transcendental meditation." It turns out Stevie was right. TM reduces stress to the point of knocking down heart attacks by 48 percent for African Americans, according to the American Heart Association  


Study Highlights:

Twice-a-day Transcendental Meditation helped African Americans with heart disease reduce risk of death, heart attack and stroke.

  • Meditation helped patients lower their blood pressure, stress and anger compared with patients who attended a health education class. Regular Transcendental Meditation may improve long-term heart health. >> Read More  




Want a nice strong brain and a healthy mind? Exercise it, says a study from the Journal of Psychiatric Practice: 

What are the benefits of mindfulness    A wealth of new research has explored this age-old practice. Here's a look at its benefits for both clients and psychologists. By Daphne M. Davis, PhD, and Jeffrey A. Hayes, PhD

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Changing brains for the better; article documents benefits of multiple practices

April 17, 2012

by David Tenenbaum

Practices like physical exercise, certain forms of psychological counseling and meditation can all change brains for the better, and these changes can be measured with the tools of modern neuroscience, according to a review article now online at Nature Neuroscience.

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Change your  mind, Change your brain. It's all good: Study from the University of Wisconsin:

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